Terms Of Service and Use

Please read our terms of service and software usage carefully and completely to avoid misunderstandings in the future. If you don’t agree with what is stated further below don’t use our services.

By donating to Project Redworx (redworx.net) I agree and acknowledge these terms of service and use of the software provided by the website.

The following features are default and most of the time available:
Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP, Radar
All the other features are custom and can be removed anytime by the developer, as well as new ones can be added any time.There’s no claim for any feature to be working during any time of your use.

Free User: A free user can share the received .exe file to any of his friends at any time and let them use it. He is not allowed to ask for a charge or payment for the software.
customer User: A customer has the right to use software limited to customers only. The customer software offers more accessibility and features in comparison to the free version of the software. A customer is not allowed to share or sell his license to any other person without the agreement of the software provider. A customer is allowed to change his HWID 1 time per 30 days (month).
Our “Lifetime” Licenses are valid for the lifetime of this software, i.e. only as long as the software is updated and run. This is not to be mistaken with the lifetime of a human. If our terms are violated lifetime license can be terminated as well as any other type of license.

Once a customer has donated the current amount required for the customer version of the software he is going to receive a manually written email to his PayPal email address. This email sending usually doesn’t require more than 24 hours after the payment has been received. In the email the following information can be found:
Software files, Activation serial key, Tutorials and Guides for usage and troubleshooting.
Once a customer has received his activation serial key via email he is not allowed to receive a refund.

Every user is treated equally by the support team and developers in terms of assistance with installation, bugs and errors. Both, free user and customer are allowed to receive and request help via the forum (redworx.net/forum) as well as via email (redworx.ru@gmail.com). Replies by the support team and developers usually take up to 24 hours for both methods, email and forum.

Both, free users and customers can be suspended from the forum and the software if:
They insult other forum users or the support team or developers.
They insult the software provider anywhere outside the forum or email.
They give false information (country, city, place of living, Name).
They libel (or slander) the developers, software or other users.
They file a PayPal dispute in conflict with our refund terms or violation of the ToS. (e.g. filing an unauthorized payment and PayPal proves the opposite.)
They sell or share the license without the agreement of the support team or developers.

Payments are meant to help and assist our project financially. They help paying for servers and websites and compensate time dedicated to development.
In conclusion there are No refunds allowed. Here a customer is granted permission to use the customer version of the software for an amount of time as long as the customer doesn’t violate the terms.

Project Redworx doesn’t provide any uptime and availability guarantee to free users or customers. Any kind of user is allowed to run the software any time he wants independently.
To use Project Redworx Software with minimum issues and problems the user is required to use it with their legally owned copy of the Game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”.

Project Redworx Website collects and transmits the following information of site users: IP-Address, Browser, OS, referrals, visited links and pages on the site (redworx.net).
Project Redworx Free Software collects and transmits the following information of free software users: None.
Project Redworx customer Software collects and transmits the following information of free software users: HWID, IP-Address, Location time.
Project Redworx Software doesn’t sell or share the information collected.

These Terms of Services and Usage can be changed anytime. Project Redworx is not allowed to force charges and payments from their users without any given reason.

Violation of these terms of service and usage can lead to a termination of the Software owned by a customer and to a loss of the usage permission without refunds.

There is no agreement between the cheat provider (redworx.net) and the game developer and publisher of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve that using this cheat is not going to result eventually in either a Game Ban or Valve Anti-Cheat ban. Cheating in the game is always a risk and every customer who owns the game has to acknowledge that Valve strictly prohibits cheating in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and enforces a positive cheat detection on Valve Anti-Cheat Secured Servers with a permanent ban.
Valve has the power to make changes to their Game at any moment. If updating our software to work with the game will not be possible, the software source codes will be released to the users of this website. We do not guarantee that our software will be working or be available during the entire time of validity of your license.
The cheat provider is irresponsible for false information given on external websites about the cheat provided and the conditions as well as not updated states of detections.
The cheat provider tries the best to provide information about the cheats detection state as fast as possible to let all users know.
If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.