Stream Package Progress Update 1

blogger-336371_640Hey guys, today we have been working on the stream package cheat. We have finished up the triggerbot and aimbot as well as the hotkey functions and included a few more customizable settings into it what notification is concerned.

The user of the cheat is allowed to decide if he wants to have notification about the cheat’s state if it’s completely loaded and ready to use or not. He can also decide if he just wants to see a Messagebox appear or a complete fake malware / virus scanner window with scan results etc.

We will be adding a few more things before releasing it, however it should be available for purchase on this weak already so stay tuned. Unfortunately we are unable to reveal screenshots just yet. A video of the cs:go cheat and the functionality is following up tomorrow or after tomorrow.

For now, we would once again like to thank everybody for the support so we can complete this project and we hope you are still going to support us in the future.

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