Stream Pack Cheat Six Months


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✔ Our CS:GO Cheat is undetected since initial release in July 2016.

Play on Stream like Scream!

Purchase now as a Six months version!

You are a looking for a CSGO cheat with a lot of customization options to perfectly suite your play style and want it to be high performance and well optimized while staying undetected or you are a CS:GO streamer and you are looking for a Counter Strike: Global Offensive cheat which UI (User Interface) cannot be accidently opened on stream because you afraid of getting exposed live on stream?
Then you just found the right place.
We provide UI less cheats which only offer ESP, Aimbot and Triggerbot, however it is still as customizable as our multihack with an optimized performance, more human and legit looking factor preventing you from getting exposed as a cheater. The special factor of our CSGO Wallhack is that it can be set as OBS Stream proof, which means it will not be captured during live stream on twich or recording with nvidia shadowplay.
Once you run our cheat you cannot see anything besides a notification about malware scans which are 100% legit if they pop-up on your stream by accident and if you still do not feel stealthy enough you can even choose to disable the notifications completely or customize the message as you like.
Configurations are customized through a settings file inside the cheat folder.

For each friend you invite to join, both of you get two months extra for free!

Where can I play?
Anywhere as long as it’s the steam version of CS:GO.

What happens after I purchse?

After completing the purchase you will receive an email including the download link to the software you have purchased as well as your personal license code and installation and usage instruction.

What are the features?


  • ✔ Aimbot FOV Radius Selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Easy Aimbot Bone Selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Human Legit Aimbot Smooth amount selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Individual Aimbot Key Selection
  • ✔ Precise Aimbot Recoil Control
  • ✔ Aimbot Visibility Check
  • ✔ Intelligent Aimbot Prediction for Movement
  • ✔ Aimbot AimAssist Hover-Magnet


  • ✔ TriggerBot Key Selection
  • ✔ TriggerBot Delay Selection



  • ✔ ESP disable/enable in cfg
  • ✔ ESP On/Off Switch
  • ✔ ESP Enemy
  • ✔ ESP Team
  • ✔ ESP Health
  • ✔ ESP Glow Health
  • ✔ ESP Box
  • ✔ ESP Snaplines
  • ✔ ESP OBS Proof
  • ✔ ESP Stream Proof


✔ Bunnyhop Move Only


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