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Redworx Private Cheat 12 Months

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Our CS:GO Cheat is undetected since initial release in August 2015.

Features of Redworx CSGO Cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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The software works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Payment Methods

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What is Redworx Cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Redworx Cheat gives you an advantage over other players in the game CS:GO. Please read the full feature list below.

For each friend you invite to join, both of you get two months extra for free!

Where can I play?

Anywhere as long as you are using the steam version of CS:GO.

What happens after I purchase the csgo hack?

After completing the purchase you will receive an email including the download link to the software you have purchased as well as your personal license code and installation and usage instructions.

What are the features?

Aimbot features

  • ✔ Aimbot FOV Radius Selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Aimbot Bone Selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Aimbot Smooth amount selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Aimbot Key Selection (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Aimbot Recoil Control (individually for all main weapons)
  • ✔ Aimbot Visibility Check
  • ✔ Aimbot Prediction for Movement
  • ✔ Aimbot AimAssist Hover-Magnet

TriggerBot feature

  • ✔ TriggerBot Key Selection
  • ✔ TriggerBot Delay Selection

ESP features

  • ✔ ESP Boxes*
  • ✔ ESP Healthbars*
  • ✔ ESP Snaplines*
  • ✔ Recoil Crosshair*
  • ✔ ESP Glow
  • ✔ ESP Health
  • ✔ ESP Weapons
  • ✔ ESP Grenades
  • ✔ ESP C4 Bomb / Planted Bomb C4
  • ✔ ESP Glow Fullbloom
  • ✔ ESP Glow Inner
  • ✔ ESP Ranks / Wins
  • ✔ ESP Spotted only
  • ✔ ESP Enemies / Team Only

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  • ✔ Radar Show Enemies
  • ✔ Radar Show Bomb


  • ✔ Bunnyhop Move Only
  • ✔ Bunnyhop Crouch


  • ✔ Skinchanger
  • ✔ Knifechanger

*Experimental feature

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What are the payment methods?

✔ We accept PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Giftcards, CS:GO Skins and DE_PaySafeCards as payment methods.


Payment Methods
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Information our software collects

  • Hardware Information Computed to a Hashcode
  • MAC Address
  • PC and Username
  • IP Address
  • Date and Time

Note: No guarantee for this information to be up to date!

27 reviews for Redworx Private Cheat 12 Months

  1. LouieMeedy

    Hands down one of, if it the best hack for counter strike available on PC. Countless feartures all working perfectly, and simple enough anyone can pick it up. I can easily use it for fast rounds make it a perfect way to take a 30 minute break between study or work.

  2. nite

    I love this private csgo cheat! it’s the only undetected csgo hack i use now and I’ve never had a problem whatsoever since i began using it almost 2 years ago and i will continue to use it for as long as it’s available…I am very happy and only have great things to say about the redworx private cheat! thank u to the people or person that created it! I’m a redworx user for life!!

  3. ttvbytheway11


  4. DouglasIcemy

    Hack is quite nice – not a thing to complain about

  5. Staska

    Greate excperience all the way…

  6. kenji

    still the cheat undetecktet

  7. noluck_justskill

    awesome cheat but i guess i am just very skilled player in csgo ehheheh

  8. cxota

    Fantastic stuff. Thanks a lot.

  9. jamesduh

    You stated it very well. oustanding cheat especially in performance and price

  10. Sacha Moreno

    Effective hack without a doubt

  11. Anonymous

    lit af

  12. redmoney

    You guys and your cheats are a great

  13. Suoup

    Great cheat. works like a beast.

  14. PitouG Playz

    โ‚ฌ29.99 for 12 month FUCKING AMAZING CHEAT for so low price I’m gonna be honest [STREAM I LIKE] (HONEST)

  15. ch453ressler

    Cheat Said I could do whatever i want and destroy everyone.

    Guess Who Just Did 9/11?

  16. simo

    i love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. twrL

    this cheat has taken care of all desires for a legit cheater like me.
    so far i am satisfied with what i bought on the sale ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. redmoney

    This cheats is undetected, i havent got banned but i am using only radar on new account

  19. Bartek

    Its awesome. Go buy ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. seahawx


  21. mcmaster253


  22. zeyy

    badass cheat:
    – easy setup
    – easy recking kids in csgo
    – many updates
    – kind support

  23. ninax

    redworx is a great cheat which offers you an overwhelming amount of features reaching from many different ESP features. Also special ones such as grenade ESP, bomb ESP and defuse ESP as well as many aimbot configurables for the main individual weapons those are bone, speed, key and fov.
    What I wished it had as well is simply even more weapons to configure individually. once that is here It will satisfy by 100%!!! :-))

  24. chuck

    I have both cheats and I prefer the stream Pack one. (Honest opinion)

  25. hayywan

    Gr3at software to enhance your skill at csgo he he.
    No honestly, decent cheat for the unbelievably low price ๐Ÿ˜

  26. mikk

    Veri gud cheetos ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

  27. goku

    Hi, so here is my review after having this cheat for over a year.
    I am a very old user of the cheat. I bought it in a very early stage of what features it had and how it looked and worked in general.
    Back then I didn’t think the cheat will be this great because it was very cheap like $25 or something.
    Through the time I noticed that money doesn’t buy undetection and that even this little and lightweight cheat was undetected while cheats like aimware and so on got detected.
    Through the time this cheat has also received many new features which I personally don’t use but it’s great to have them.
    The admins are responsive and kind and helped me resolve problems and never blaimed my stupidity ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sometimes I have felt like being part of it helping in the forum creating informative threads and helping others.
    I don’t know what else to say, it’s been a great time.
    Unfortunately I don’t really have got any time for the game anymore :/

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