Redworx Update 15th Oct 2017

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Dear Users,

Concerning both, Stream Cheating Software and Redworx Private Software, in order to be able to use your previous configuration with the upcoming update (15th Oct 2017) you are required to manually port your config .ini files to be compatible as follows.

Please add configuration for auto snipers to the [aimbot] section:

NOTE: Change “.hardness” to “.speed” for all weapon configurations.

Add “weaponxyz.recoil=x,0” to all weapon configurations as shown below:
Example for ak47 configuration

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Contact Email Address changed

Dear Users,

Our contact email address has changed to In case of any further changes the latest email address is always visible in the sidebar of the website.

Our old email address is not entirely shut down. We will still be available on this email address for a while until everybody has noticed the change.

Thank you for your attention.

Enjoy your day.

-Redworx Team

Downtimes 08 April / 09 April

Downtimes 08 April/09 April

We are looking forward to improve our website performance, therefore certain actions will be taken those days.
Please excuse the downtimes 🙂

Properly porting configuration file to 5.0.1

Hey there

In our recent update 5.0.1 we have added the requested feature for the skinchanger to allow custom weapon nametags.
In order to port your configuration properly without any trouble add the following under the [skinchanger] section:

You can also make it better looking by adding each individually to the proper weapon.

Datatype Changes, porting 500-3 config to 500-4

In the latest update we have changed the import datatypes for glow. Instead of a number ranging from 0,0 to 1,0 it’s now going from 0 to 255.
Here is how to port the config without loosing the other configuration settings.


If you want to port the colors you will need the following calculation: x * 255 = the new value
If this is not important to you, for example because you are using Health Glow anyways just change the values which are not 0 to 255 and where it says “.a” to 190.

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Redworx Project Update 5.0.0

We are happy to announce that our new update is ready to be downloaded. We have managed to port almost all of the features from the old version ot the new one. There are possibly bugs to find, feel free to sumbit them to us to speed up the fixes.
We made sure the Layout doesn’t differ a lot from the previous version to avoid confusion.

What’s new?
– Improved software performance
– Improved software architecture
– Improved Server to Software communication
– More aspects relevant to developers
– Glowcolor Preview
– Glowcolor Selection via Colorpalette
– Glowing players don’t flash every 0.1s anymore
– Individual Aimbot keys for weaponprofiles
– Team Aimbot
– Triggerbot Aftershot delay
– Added FakeLag key binded
– NotifyIcon in Taskbar with Hide/Unhide GUI and Exit feature
– UI Changes
– ESP Overlay has been added, however couldn’t be compatibilized with the initial GUI yet

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Project Redworx Update v4.6.0

The update we released on the 16th of November 2016 includes the following changes:

  • Added easy accessible config switch to the menu

It is now possible to simply switch the config file from the main menu page without restarting the cheat.

Simply go to the main page of the menu and select another config file from the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner. After selecting the config file simply click the Load button and the other files config contence will be loaded and used by the cheat. This is how easy it is to switch it now.

If you have any suggestions feel free to suggest them down below in the comment section.

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Recent Global Cooldowns explaination and updates

Dear Users

during the last 3 days about 5%-10% of users have received an Untrusted – Global Cooldown ban on CS:GO. In order to find out what’s causing it, we’ve been investigating this situation and are testing the cheat for that kind of ban every day.

Where is the difference between an Red-colored Untrusted ban and a Yellow-colored VAC ban?
The yellow VAC-ban is displayed when a software (e.g. cheat) is detected as a process or binary, such as free cheats which are detected within hours. An untrusted ban tells you that VAC hasn’t found a software, however there was suspicious activity during gameplay such as changes in memory which have been detected by the on-server VAC. So what does this mean about a cheat? This simply means that features which don’t affect memory in the game should still be useable with the version of the cheat that has been giving Untrusted. Example features would be Triggerbot, Rank/Win Scanner, etc. Don’t worry though, since the version which caused untrusted bans we have already updated the software twice.

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Update: Claim new Loader now!

Dear Userscropped-yks_redworx-singlelogo.png

Today we had to do some changes with both the cheat loader and updater. We kindly ask you to claim the new version of both items by sending an email with your serial code to:

Claiming the new files is IMPORTANT because you won’t be able to use it if you don’t receive your updated files.

Thank you for your understanding!