After you have purchased the Redworx Private Hack for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and received the latest update and your unique serial key for the registration it is time to create your account.

  1. Extract all files into a folder
  2. Now you have to run the downloaded hack .exe.

  3. A login window is going to appear with a pregenerated HWID hash. You will have to click on the Register button to setup your account.

  4. Fill out all the information which is requiered including a desired Username, Password and input your Serial Key. The hashes are generated automatically and you don’t need to save them or note them down. Simply make sure you note down your serial key incase of password recovery.
  5. After you are done, click the Register button.

  6. Now you can login with your login Data and optionally tick the Save Login Data checkbox so that you dont have to type your username and password everytime. Now click the Login button. NOTE: Only your username and the Hash are stored in the file, both are encrypted using AES. After you restart the program, the password box will be empty, you are still able to login.

  7. Now a Hack Loader should appear. The box on the left tells you about new updates if any are out. After clicking Run either the Hack Window will appear (CS:GO has to be running already) or a MessageBox will notify about a new update and what’s new. After Clicking OK in the update case the updater will be started and is going to download the newest update (See Step 1).

  8. Now you should see a Window like this. Happy Hacking and watch out for Overwatch!

Anything still unclear? Or you have another question? Go to the Support page and contact us!

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