How to bypass and not get banned by Overwatch in CSGO

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Hello fellow cheaters, today you will find out how to bypass overwatch and not get banned in CSGO.

Here are a few simple rules to follow to prevent an Overwatch ban.


  • Don’t aim or shoot through walls.
  • Don’t only sneak when close to an enemy.
  • Use a decent headset to know when the enemy actually made noises.
  • Don’t randomly check uncommon spots when an enemy is there.
  • Don’t check corners which are already obvious to be clear.
  • Don’t wait for an enemy for a long time.
  • Don’t always look an enemies direction.
  • Don’t leave a bomb spot just because you see that nobody is there.
  • Don’t go to where the enemies are at unless it was called.
  • Don’t be greedy for kills or wins.


  • Set your FOV to a low number like 1-3.
  • Set your Hardness to a low number like 1-5.
  • Set your wallhack alpha to a lower number like 120 so that you don’t aim throught walls by accident.
  • If you can’t know the enemy is in that particular corner don’t look his direction.
  • When you see an enemy approaching you behind a wall, aim at a common spot and keep vision on that enemy. Once he is visible shoot him.
  • Learn how to peek corners properly, always aim at the edge of one as approaching.
  • In general watch some pros play, since if you move like a silver but hit like a pro you will get banned aswell.
  • Keep your crosshair on head height and NOT only when there is an enemy near by.
  • Look a way when an enemy you have been waiting for is approaching and then aim at him to pretend you didn’t know he was coming

This is pretty much everything I’m aware of when playing CS:GO with Cheats.

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