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    I am a little suspicious as to why this cheat it so cheap? If it has good security and good features and has never been detected then how is it so cheap? Every other cheat provider that has quality undetected cheats is selling them for the same price you are selling them, except that price gets you a month. Im just confused how they could be this low.



    That it hasn’t been detected since 2015 isn’t 100% accurate. In November 2016, I believe there was a Vacwave that striked redworx. But from my side, this cheat is brilliant and good to use. I only lost 2 Accounts(one is OW banned, other one VAC) and therefore it is woth buying it.

    I hope I could help you.

    Best regards



    I own iwebz besides this cheat but honestly said iwebz is shit because its getting detected prolly every 2 weeks and is highly overpriced.
    Feature wise the iwebz is great but yeah it costs 1 month almost as this one for 1 year so that’s a pain.
    I have two accounts I cheated with this cheat on. One is at 300h another at 600h so from my point of view this cheat has a great price and offers great features for it.
    I mean which 2.5€/month cheat offers you skin changer knife changer such a customizable aimbot etc.

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    literally same with aimware… 2weeks then ban sometimes 1 month no vac but rarely. I have lifetime and lost so many accounts to aimware xd.
    I use primarily this cheat and if people go full rage with autowall etc I switch to aimware but this only happens on non prime. For prime I didnt ever need aimware.
    By the way, if you are active on the forum and helping you get rewarded with more months. Also making videos with the cheat rewards you ca$h and more time. Just make sure to share with it admins 🙂

    legit not cheating king of cs:go

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