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    Jesus christ

    Is this cheat detected on faceit or? I’ve read multiple things like visuals works on it.



    howd they detect it? there is no software.
    if u suck at cheating an admin bans you. thats All

    legit not cheating king of cs:go


    Jesus christ

    @goku to further reply to your comment I didn’t state that it was detectable on smac I just asked. I’ve read that the trigger bot and aimbot is detectable from different post. I don’t know if you understand how smac works or this cheat but there is softwares and they can cause you to get banned. So I’d recommend you understand my question more completely before commenting. I am still waiting for a valid response.




    We only vouch for ESP and Radar undetection on FaceIt. Aimbot and Triggerbot undetection depends on your own play style.
    Your question is confusing since a cheat can’t have a detection status on FaceIt (SMAC). It can only be detected serversided, which means running the cheat without using a feature is never going to get you banned. Unlike if a cheat is VAC detected.

    Kind Regards


    Jesus christ

    Thanks! I asked you a few questions on Skype if you wouldn’t mind looking.

    Thanks have a nice one!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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