CSGo Hacks for Prime MM Forums Pre-Sale Questions How long will the password work?

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    So If I were to buy the hack and it takes how ever many hours for me to get the password in my email how long will the password be valid? Will I have to use it right after I get the email? Or is there a time limit.



    there is no pass, you get a serial code to regsiter inside the cheat itself. after you register your usage time starts. the code is valid for a very long time(?)
    thats how it used to be and from the tutorial video on how to install it you can see its still like that 🙂 hope i could help even though im not a mod/admin

    legit not cheating king of cs:go



    Ah I see. Thank you for the help.




    What has been said is right.
    The installer has a password however it remains the same for a very long time.
    The serial key might be disposed after a month if not used / activated, however if it is disposed you can request a new one / recreation of the same (free of charge). It is only removed for safety reasons.
    Your usage time starts after serial activation, not after purchase.

    Best regards



    Thank you :). Im gonna get me a 12 month sub.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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