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>>This cheat has never been detected right?
This is correct, Redworx CS:GO Cheat has never been detected yet (Release was more than a year ago).

>>Is it safe to use on ESEA and CEVO.
It’s working there however we don’t guarantee for undetection on Leagues (besides FaceIt). We have been testing it with ESL and it didn’t get detected during our tests. Some users stated it to be undetected on ESEA.

>>Is the cheat external or internal.
Redworx is an external CS:GO Cheat.

>>How many clients do you have?
We can only tell you, currently there are less than 50 active users. Unfortunately we can’t give you exact numbers. The less users there are the better it’s for the undetection of the cheat.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask.

Kind Regards

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