Redworx Private Cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Buy now, starting from incredible €29.99! Get the Full Redworx Private hack version of Undetected CS:GO Cheat and all updates for Lifetime!

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We are happy to celebrate 4 years (since release) of undetected CSGO cheats with our Stream Cheat.


Redworx Cheat for Counter Strike: Global Offensive features protection against Valve Anti Cheat. Additionally, we use slot capacities for distributions of our Cheat.


featuring a fully customizable smooth and legit undetected CSGO Cheat Aimbot with individual configurations for different weapons, such as FOV, bone, speed and key.


Saving your configurations with custom file names, configurations can be changed, loaded and switched on the fly with Redworx CSGO Cheats for Counter Strike: Global Offensive!


A variety of CSGO ESP Customizations are available. The ESP features Players, Weapons, Grenades, Radar Rank and Wins.


Toggling features on and off without going into the menu is possible. On activation and deactivation you are notified by a female voice.

Auto Update

Redworx Cheats for Counter Strike: Global Offensive feature a secure auto updater to make sure you never miss any of our software updates!


Redworx CSGO Cheats for Counter Strike: Global Offensive is optimized to run as smooth as possible even on lower performance systems.

Fast & Easy

The CSGO cheats are fast to setup and easy to configurate and use. On installation, you receive two configuration presets for legit and rage playstyle.

Dominate the Game today!
Buy now, starting from incredible €29.99! Get the Full Undetected Private hack version of Redworx CS:GO Cheat and all updates for Lifetime!


The silent
  • 4 Years of Undetection
  • Full Support
  • GUI-less
  • All Features
  • Stream Proof
  • Easy to use
  • Promo Affiliate


The classic
  • Full Software Access
  • Full Support
  • User Friendly GUI
  • All features
  • Config Presets
  • Easy to use
  • Promo Affiliate

What our users say

“This CSGO Cheat has taken care of all desires for a legit cheater like me. so far i am satisfied with what i bought on the sale 😀. The best part of this undetected CSGO cheat is the legit human Aimbot feature. Nobody suspects me and therefore I cannot be banned from the game.”


“redworx is a great undetected CSGO Cheat which offers you an overwhelming amount of features reaching from many different ESP features. Also special ones such as grenade ESP, bomb ESP and defuse ESP as well as many aimbot configurables for the main individual weapons those are bone, speed, key and fov. What I wished it had as well is simply even more weapons to configure individually. once that is here It will satisfy by 100%!!! :-))”


“i am streaming and making videos of csgo while using this undetected CSGO Cheat now already for a very long time (idk exactly how long maybe half a year or longer) and had no issues with the legitimate movement so far. i have never been accused of hacking so far, neither on stream live or in my video comment sections. i would call it pretty much everything i have been looking for in a cheat.”


Our clients

Why us?

We are experienced and provide optimized and undetected CS:GO hacks since 2015.

Our mission

Providing high class best undetected CSGO cheats with esp, aimbot, etc. for affordable prices.

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